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Introduction befriended organisations: ⋈ Der Wachsblock [Germany] ⋈ [Spain] ⋈ Encontros d'Imagem [Portugal] ⋈ Eunic [Network of European National Cultural Orginasations] ⋈ Fotofestival Lodz [Poland] ⋈ Spacepilots [UK-Germany] ⋈ WIT Urban Team [Belgium] ⋈ Metasitu [Athens Greece] ⋈ Akoo-o [Athens Greece] ⋈ Walking Artists Network ⋈grnation [Braga Portugal] ⋈ Drops Of Breath [Athens Greece] ⋈ Analogia Festival [Athens Greece] ⋈ Animart [ Delphi Greece].




Metasitu [Athens Greece].



METASITU is a collective for developing future urban strategies, and their projects are directed towards innovating strategies for resilience through building a body of knowledge and understanding about the way we inhabit urban territories.
Currently the Artistic Directors at metamatic:taf Foundation in Athens, METASITU was founded in 2014 by Eduardo Cassina and Liva Dudareva. Their practice is research-based, highly mobile and transdisciplinary, relying on the transnational networks, virtual and physical, where they draw inspiration and fascination from.

METASITU often find solutions by shifting existing paradigms and subverting existing behaviors; re-directing existing systems towards other ends, rather than direct physical or design interventions of colossal scales. As curators and artistic directors of metamatic:taf we had the opportunity to work together with Geert Vermeire and Stefaan Van Biesen (the Milena principle) within the context of our exhibitions and with related workshops-conferences during Welcome to Ecumenopolis (2015) and With your consent (2016). Their artistic practice focusing on sound, new media and performance, relating to social and urban practices, aligns with the fields of interest of METASITU and we intend further collaborations, both in artistic projects, by common artistic research and sharing of practices during the coming years (2017-2019).




ART European Animation [Delphi Greece].

ANIMART addresses the educational community: nursery, primary and secondary school teachers, university students, young artists as well as art lovers who wish to enrich their knowledge of the arts transforming it, with the help of new technologies, into a work tool.The upcoming event at Delphi also addresses the Hellenes of Diaspora and foreign young scientists and artists, aspiring at strengthening their relations with this archaeological site which constitutes an important part of world heritage.


The underlying philosophy of the whole process is the active participation in the lessons, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, artistic happenings, outdoor activities and tours, as it is believed that the opportunity of acquiring knowledge through active participation is priceless.


Academics, scientists, established professionals and young artists will offer and share their knowledge, talent, skills and experience, building up interactive relationships. The different art forms the participants will be involved in are: Animation, cinema, video, photography, painting and sculpture, theater, music, literature and dance.


The Internet widens and facilitates the participation of individuals, groups, academic bodies and institutions from all around the world since it can internationalize any event and at the same time contribute to the development of a continuous, worldwide communication, and an exchange of works and ideas among the participants.

The artists are asked to be inspired by the timeless legacy of Delphi on the fields of ideas, art and culture, and create contemporary interactive art works.


The Oracles, the Dragons - inspiration from the Delphic Python, and the Legends abound with opportunities for textual, theatrical, dance and musical approaches, as they constitute a wider, global quest since the triptych can be found in various cultures even today. At the same time, events, activities and educational programmes are prepared to take place in the surrounding area of Delphi, in collaboration with local institutions, scientists and artists.




GRNATION [Braga Portugal].

gnration is a space oriented to the promotion of artistic activities and for the exploitation and dissemination of digital arts, based in Braga, Portugal. Through a sustained strategy and permanent openness to the community intends to establish itself as a unifying hub of cultural and creative dynamics, taking as an oriented space for awareness and training of new audiences, exposing them to art practices relevant in the light of a contemporary and cosmopolitan approach. Partners of gnration are the Casa da Musica/Digitópia (Porto), Teatro Maria Matos (Lisbon) and Braga '16 Ibero American Capital of Youth.


It is in our interest to invite and collaborate with Geert Vermeire and with the Milena principle. We consider the artistic activities related to sound, new media and performance of Geert Vermeire and the Milena principle as most stimulating to initiate and elaborate a creative collaboration in long term which will help to distribute projects with social impact. Collaborations will take shape in joint workshops and artistic activities involving sound and public space, and implementation of these activities in the frame of a joint collaboration with our partners and within a larger European network in the period 2016-2019.



Walking Artists Network


The walking artists network. It’s for everyone who defines themselves as a walking artist, and everyone who is interested in walking as a mode of art practice, as well as related fields including, but not limited to, architecture, archaeology, anthropology, cultural geography, history, spatial design, urban design and planning.


The Walking Artists Network seeks to connect those who define themselves as walking artists – or who are interested in walking as a mode of art practice – through a series of meetings and an online interface. We would like to invite you to take part in its development.


At the moment we think WAN might help us:

*  share examples of our walking practices, and the practices that inspire.

*  ask how we might define walking art as a medium, and whether attempting a definition is a fruitful  method for generating discussion and debate

*  explore the multi-disciplinary routes to walking as an art practice.




Drops Of Breath [ Athens Greece].



The Underwater Heart of the Mediterranean is a cultural educational and community project led by DK-BEL (France), Quasi Stellar (Greece) and Pelma (Cyprus). It is supported by the European Union Creative Europe, Horizon 2020 Program for the period January 2015- February 2016. It consists in several artistic and educational actions, in each of which we involve together people with disabilities (children or adults) and professionals from many artistic disciplines:

•Drops of breath - An underwater dance-visual performance for the first time in the world. •Drops of Peace - A site-specific dance-visual performance. •Eyes Wide Open -


A symposium about the similarities between Mediterranean countries and how they link culture with environment - "Mediterranean Bodies" exhibition - With matchmaking young artists Cypriots, Greeks, French and Lebanese - Artistic and environmental workshops - A documentary of the creating process of Drops of breath.


Our Philosophy


By reflecting to our common pulses, pathways and roots, the partnership puts forward a multi-disciplinary performing arts project in the Mediterranean. With respect to diversity, it goes far beyond defending peoples’ differences and works on the exploration of peoples’ similarities, as if they share a common breath and a common heartbeat. The values of equality, respect, transparency, clarity, simplicity, human rights and environmental protection are highly projected, since everybody is equal under the water. Water is one of the most important resources in the world; a form of energy, a state of nature. It knows no frontiers, no borders, no politics, no religions; it is an element that bridges and unifies people, countries and cultures and the artistic research and methodology developed is connected to the multidimensional identity of the Mediterranean Sea. If each human being is considered a drop of water in the Mediterranean, we set our goal to value each drop, believing that one single drop can make a change; one drop, one human being can make a difference to the entire human race. One drop of water might have little significance for the humans, yet it is a miracle of nature. Equally, one human being might be of tiny importance to the millions of people around the Mediterranean Sea, each human is unique and extremely valuable for humanity. Starting from Greece and travelling in the Mediterranean the project blends-in its peoples through workshops and educative programmes, artistic residencies – rehearsals/co-creation of performances, an underwater performance, a film documentary and artwork production, a multi-disciplinary performance and an international forum.




Analogio Theater Festival [Athens Greece].



The Analogio Theatre Festival is a non-profit cultural organization, founded in 2005 in Athens, Greece by Sissy Papathanassiou. The Analogio besides presenting Greek and international plays with established actors and directors, has been a notable center for discovering, supporting and promoting young talents. Next scheduled date of the festival is from 26.10 to 3.11.2015 under the title ~ANALOGIO 2015 THE PASSAGE migrants and refugees~. The program features the presentation of 11 plays with a special focus in the Argentines’ theatre, and [relevant to the notions of the PASSAGE / migrants and refugees], parallel events /workshops, seminars, lectures, performances and screenings. The events are organized in various venues in Athens, -Art Theatre of Greece, Melina Merkouri Cultural Center, Greek Film Archive and Museum and public spaces.
 2006-2016 [Vigo ⋈ Santiago de Compostela ⋈ Spain].

In 2016 announced that they stopped the project.

They are a group of artists and sound activists comprising anthropologists, musicologists, engineers and multimedia artists. Its primary mission is to foster and promote the use of sound and active listening [it is a pioneer in Spain in the Aural Studies movement, a new form of knowledge that studies societies through the sounds they generate and listen to: the sound imaginary).


Among other activities it works with the conservation of the sound memory, raising awareness of the wealth of our immaterial cultural heritage, fostering the involvement of listeners in the configuration of the sound heritage and in the fieldwork, recording and contextualisation of the soundscapes of the country.


It is currently working in various projects, some of which are in Galicia, such as Phonotopias of Galicia. Recording of sounds in danger of extinction and the design of a public and universally accessible sound map of Galicia, while on the wider international stage, is working with projects such as Sonic Weapons focused on “sound technologies of social control”. has published two books: Audio-HackLAB and Cartografías de la escucha. Sonido y Lugar. It has organised workshops and seminars all over Spain as well as at leading festivals around the world. Jesús Otero Seoane, Carlos Suárez Sánchez and Juanjo Palacios are some of the group’s most active members.




Spacepilots [Stephanie Brandt London UK ⋈ Köln Germany].



Spacepilots, London & Cologne (UK/Germany) / a collaborative, cross-disciplinary organisation for dialogue between architecture and art dedicated to understanding and enriching the complex relationship between people and the things that surround people. Spacepilots develops spatial and conceptual interventions with an intended emotional affect. This organisation is founded by Stephanie Brandt (artist, architect, professor at the University of Arts London). The organisation is based in London and realised many projects (including in and outdoor exhibitions, events and workshops) in London, Milan, Barcelona, Istanbul and Bucharest and has a close cooperation with Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London; Chelsea College of Art, London, London Metropolitan University, Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul. Aim of the art projects within Spacepilots are to connect emotions and senses with the city, and to explore sound as a positive matter in design of places. The organisation has a wide experience in realizing art events and exhibitions in an international context. Spacepilots and the Milena principle intend to start an international and durable cooperation.




Der Wachsblock [Christian Hardt ⋈ Guido Stemme, Germany].


durch die Kunst zur politischen Präsenz


Der Wachsblock , Kassel ⋈ Castle Jahnishausen [Germany]. Der Wachsblock is a project-organisation which began its activities during Documenta 11 in Kassel 2007 and had on this occasion already a first cooperation with the Milena principle. The scientists Christian Hardt and Guido Stemme travelled through Germany and Belgium with a constantly transforming cube of wax of 100 kg, as an artistic symbol, as a continuous process and creation of a field between art, philosophy, politics and sociology. The organization wants to provoke a dynamical dialogue between art and society. The nomadic project engages itself in national and international interactions with artists, philosophers and scientists. On this moment the organization resides at Castle Jahnishausen, near Dresden, in Germany. Castle Jahnishausen offers residences, ateliers, conference- and meeting facilities for our projects. The organization has an existing connection with the Milena principle with mutual projects in Germany and Belgium.This project wants to extend and elaborate new approaches and ways

of cooperation, including the participa-tion of other international organizations and artists.





WIT Urban Team [Belgium].



WIT Uban Team made up of Margot Dieleman, Stefaan van Biesen and Eric Windey, reintroduced a form of street performance on the occasion of Coup de Ville. WIT sources of inspiration are the Fluxus movement and the French Situationist international, which stubbornly explored the town and carried out their performances. WIT continuously examenes the fabric of the town, looking for dysfunction, imperfect aesthetic interventions and neglected spaces or locations that invite the making of a statement. What the team does, happens at irregular intervals, is short lived, and is in no way populist. Although the action group is dressed in black and wears an armband with their logo, their methods are inclined towards a philosophy of peaceful resistance. Their actions are almost contemplative and occur without much noise, which means they function more like warnings. They hope to stimulate the consciousness of others with a small gesture, so that in future, change will occur. The actions are documented with photographs and video recordings, and they can be viewed on this website via You Tube. The first action that WIT undertook, was placing a black armband around the crush barriers that so marred for many months the sculpture of Marin Kasimir on the station esplanade in Sint-Niklaas Belgium. Coup de Ville 2010 curated by Jan Hoet & Stef Van Bellingen. WIT on Facebook: see WIT




Fotofestival Lodz [Lodz Poland].


Fotofestiwal, Lodz is one of the biggest festivals of Poland. It takes place during spring time. A number of eminent artists, professional photographers, and individuals interested in photography arrive in Lodz during this festival. The festival was started in Lodz in 2002. The plan of holding the event in the city was an unprompted decision. The idea of conducting such an event was suggested by some of the members of the Institute of Culture Sociology, Lodz. Festival's main office is located in the Art Center, but the exhibitions are held throughout the Lodz. Exposures are accompanied by photography workshops, lectures, concerts and film screenings on topics related to photography. For several years FOTOFESTIWAL is the largest in Poland and one of the most significant events of its kind in Europe. Member of two world associations of photography festivals: Photo Festival Union and the Festival of Light. Thanks to permanently cooperates with international curators, who each year take part in creating the festival program.




Encontros d'Imagem [Braga Portugal].

Now celebrating over 20 years, the Encontros da Imagem photography festival is held in Braga and is a leading visual arts event at the national and international level. Involving wide-ranging participation by Portuguese and foreign artists, the Encontros da Imagem festival shows works in various areas of photography – including historical, documentary and conceptual photography. The exhibitions are coordinated by the Museum of the Image and are held in various venues in the city, including the Casa dos Crivos, the Castle Keep, the Biscainhos Museum and the Monastery of Tibães.





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